The best location in Sofia

Just a few minutes away from the main street in Sofia - Vitoshka

Unique experience

The Tenebris restaurant gives you the unique experience of eating in the dark

For the first time in Bulgaria

The first and only of it's kind

Restaurant Tenebris, Hotel Diter

“Dine in the dark” concept was developed in the 90’s by Michel Reilhac, who later opened a theme restaurant in Paris. Multiple restaurants worldwide have followed and marginalized the idea since.
For the first time on the Balkans, the concept is fully developed by Tenebris. Our idea is to immerse you in a world, where vision is not present and let the other senses take over.Tenebris is a social experiment, in which people with impaired vision will introduce you to their intriguing world. And it is one full of sense, touch, emotion, sound and flavor, often richer than the visual world.